Each time you donate to a charitable organization, you are justifiability curious about where your dollar goes. You want to be sure that the money you contribute to a non-profit organization is used for the purpose for which it was donated.

We at Honor Flight Bluegrass Chapter share your concern.

With Honor Flight Bluegrass Chapter you can be assured that you are helping our American Heroes in Kentucky and Southern Indiana and that almost every penny you contribute fulfills our covenant with these heroes by making their trip to their Washington DC War Memorials a reality to reflect upon their service, sacrifices and memories.

Here’s how an Honor Flight Bluegrass Chapter contribution is used: 98% is retained for Program Services and 2% is used to support Administrative Services such as Website hosting and administration, 800 telephone service, stationary & envelopes, brochures, and postage; and fundraising is 0 %.

That’s it.

It’s that simple.

We are committed to do our due diligence in spending every available dollar judiciously to fulfill our mission to our American War Heroes.